25 August 2009

Bayer to install G-20 sign for Pittsburgh summit

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported today that Bayer plans to install a G-20 welcome sign on Mount Washington for the upcoming summit. For those unfamiliar with Pittsburgh, Bayer already maintains a lighted sign on the top of Mount Washington. The sign is easily visible from downtown Pittsburgh and has been a fixture of the skyline for many years. The new, temporary, sign stating that "Pittsburgh Welcomes the World" will be affixed to the older permanent sign which if memory serves me was originally built by and for Alcoa.

I'm sure that every anarchist group coming to Pittsburgh just lit up with the glee at the prospect of either destroying or replacing the sign with their own art work. A substitute sign along the lines of "Pittsburgh Hates Fascist Assholes" might be better suited, or perhaps "Free to a good home- Pittsburgh Pirates" for those hoping to export our team to someplace else. My pick would be "Japan- Stop Killing Whales" but I may have to get by with just wearing a tee shirt to that effect.

On a more serious note perhaps Bayer's marketing mavens can create a sign that simply says "Sorry" preferably in Hebrew, Russian, Polish, Czech, French (and a dozen other languages depending on the font size) for Bayer's activities during World War 2 and its role in Nazi Germany- something the company has not apologized for. Sorry, but I have a real problem with this company welcoming the G20 stooges to my city on my behalf, especially one built on such a terrible past.