17 June 2009

G20 Leaders making their reservations

It was reported today that some of the G20 leaders will be staying at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort south of Pittsburgh. The resort is about 50 miles or so from Pittsburgh, located close to the small city of Uniontown. At $ 650 per night it's not cheap, but hey, why not when you're on an expense account being paid by the poor slobs paying their taxes back home ? For security purposes it makes sense too. There's only one major road leading to the resort and there is actually an airstrip next to the hotel which will be convenient for those bringing their own helicopters. Why stay in the confines of Pittsburgh with protesters beating drums and blowing whistles, when you can sip champagne in the mountains and decide which economy you want to wreck next ?

I've been to Nemacolin a number of times for business conventions. It was built by local boy made it big Joe Hardy who is famous for founding 84 Lumber, being a billionaire and marrying then divorcing hot young women. It's a nice place to visit but has a strange Disney World type feel to it. The main French Chateau inspired building looks jarringly out of place among the hills of Western Pennsylvania, but President Sarkozy might enjoy it. Plus he can compare notes with Mr. Hardy regarding their mutual taste in babes.

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