22 June 2009

Hit me....

Faced with an enormous budget deficit, the government of Pennsylvania is now ready to approve table games (poker, blackjack etc.) at state casinos in order to generate more tax revenue. Story Here. As I stated in an earlier post, the government of Pennsylvania is in the running to become the largest organized crime syndicate in the world. It already controls liquor and gambling, and once the deficit becomes large enough I wouldn't be surprised to see state controlled prostitution up for discussion.

Casinos enable to the state to prey upon its own citizens, usually the ones that have little disposable income that can least afford to lose it. Verbal gymnastics are used to describe the losses suffered by gamblers as "revenue" totally ignoring the devastation that this brings to families across the state. The glitzy lights and excitement of the casinos entice bus loads of geriatrics to stream into their maws, eagerly shoving their meagre assets into the machinery that diverts that money back to the state. Occasionally, a winner will beat the odds stacked against the visitors, giving false hope to the masses that they too can feel the rush of victory.

When you break it down, it really is sick (but not surprising) that politicians view their fellow citizens as cattle to be attracted by the bright lights, stripped of their money and then sent back out the door. At the same time, these same politicians will not abide any competition and will ruthlessly seek out and crush any gambling not approved, monitored and shared by the state. I'm all for freedom and believe that any adult has the right to gamble, drink, smoke pot- you name it. I just want the state to be honest and admit what they are really doing. Exploiting the citizenry, crushing competition and working in secrecy. Sounds like the mafia doesn't it ?

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