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11 June 2009

Russia willing to abandon nuclear weapons.

Wow. As if you needed any further proof of the global influence of "Confessions of a Buddhist Anarchist," Vladimir Putin signaled that Russia is willing to abandon nuclear weapons if other countries are willing to do the same. Story Here. Vladimir has been trying to add me as a friend on Facebook for months and I guess I better finally give in.

Russia is simply running into the same economic constraints that all nations owning nuclear weapons must face. These weapons are horrendously expensive to design, build and maintain. You don't simply drop a missile in a silo and forget about it. They need constant maintenance and testing, not to mention security. Given Russia's dependence upon oil prices, which have only recently started to move higher, it is no wonder that Putin wants to get rid of some of these useless Cold War toys.


  1. In just-barely-related news, my company is working on a new nuclear reactor design that uses relatively small amounts of depleted uranium to fuel nuclear energy reactors. See and search for "Gilleland."

    Give my best to old Pooty-poot.

  2. Lots of free depleted uranium just waiting to get picked up in Iraq.