08 February 2010

Subversives Better Register in South Carolina

In an earlier post, I opined that one of the dumbest acts of legislation in the country was a proposal to regulate the college football bowl process. A recently passed piece of legislation in South Carolina, however, takes win, place and show in the superbowl of boneheaded bureaucracy.

Title 23-29-10 better known as the Subversive Activities Registration Act requires all domestic subversive organizations, and those subject to "foreign control," to register with the Secretary of State's Office or face a fine of $ 25,000 and a jail sentence not to exceed 10 years.

I don't even know where to start with this one.

I can just imagine a group of terrorists holed up in a safe house waiting for their day to overthrow the government. "Pipe bombs- Check. Guns- Check. Ammo- Check. Map of government building- Check. Subversive Activities Registration Act- Dammit Earl, I thought you took care of that last week. Well, yeah we have to wait now plus it's Columbus Day and the Secretary of State's office is closed, shit we're never going to get this revolution off the ground."

One interesting piece of the legislation is that these "organizations" subject to being prosecuted must be comprised of at least two members. Whew, I guess it's still safe for me to go to Hooters in Myrtle Beach.

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