11 April 2010

They Read Me ! They Really Read Me !

Despite the fact that few, if any comments are posted here (except for my old pal The Snick who lives in the land of coffee, grunge music and chicks with hairy legs) I found out this week that lots of people actually visit this site. Through the wonders of some analytics software, I found that people from 14 different states, and 5 foreign countries, actually visited this site since Wednesday. I also found out that my visitors spend between 5 and 9 minutes reading my ramblings and most of the new users found my blog through search engines. More amazingly, most of my visits are from repeat users. So, thanks for stopping by. Visits to this site lead to advertising revenue that I donate to Buddhist charities so every click counts.


  1. Indeed we read you. I do it from across the Atlantic, in Spain. I appreciate a lot your "ramblings", so COABA now lives in my feedreader. I feel a certain symmetry with you (husband, father, fortysomething, anarchsomething... and Buddhist a long ago).
    Keep on rambling.

  2. Well thanks Jose, I appreciate your kind words.