12 September 2010

A Great Bird App

I'm an amateur bird watcher- not too obsessive beyond my time in the woods and watching birds at our feeders. The Peterson Guide to Backyard Birds is a nice, cheap (inexpensive) app that I started using on my I phone. For $ 2.99 you get a lot of stuff. It has some great pictures of birds for identification, samples of sounds from the various species, and a checklist (based on different regions of the U.S.) to mark off the birds and dates on which you spotted them. For times when you are out of the woods there is also a nice quiz function which tests your ability to identify different species by sight and sounds. During a hike last weekend, my wife and I were treated to an old growth oak forest that was absolutely saturated by Pileated Woodpeckers which I have to rank as my all time favorite bird.

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