22 March 2011

Spewing Bullshit

The tragedy of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan has been difficult to watch. Families ripped apart, widespread death and injuries, villages and cities destroyed. My heart goes out to the people of Japan and I wish them strength and hope through this most difficult time.

I reserve, however, no such sympathy for the media.

Let's take a look at the word "spew." For those such as myself raised in America, "spew" held a special place in our hearts and was usually spoken to reflect on the prior night's drinking of alcoholic beverages- "I spewed all over my room" or, from my own library of moments I hope are never brought up in Congressional hearings- "Holy shit, I think I spewed all over an ATM on College Avenue."

"Spew" I believe, holds a special place in the mind of the average American frat boy, or sorority girl, that are the backbone of the creaking, decrepit and extinct U.S. media system.

While listening to radio and television coverage of the nuclear disaster that followed the earthquake, I began to hear a drumbeat of the word "spew."

Don't believe me ? Well, try not to spew while you read these nuggets-

From the NY Times- Spewing Steam

The LA Times- Spewing Radiation

The Guardian- Spewing Steam

The Nashua (New Hampshire) Telegraph- Spewing

Time Magazine- Spewing Radiation

CBS News- Spewing Radiation

Huffington Post- Spewing Radioactive Death

I'm too lazy to refer to them all, Google it yourself.

I wish I got paid to spew my bullshit. These supposed journalists operate within a closed system, bouncing their stories, bylines and main points back and forth. For the love of God, buy yourself a new adverb.

1 comment:

  1. Clever observation. You may be unable to compete view-for-view with the mass media, nor do you make as much, but at least you can see through the pile of media bullshit.

    Actually, bullshit has positive connotations insofar as it is manure and can regenerate plants and soils; this being the case, bullshit is far too useful to be used to describe the radioactive death the media spews. ;)