24 January 2010

Citizens come to aid of elderly woman jailed for sewage bill.

In the continuing story of Dolores Pennline, an elderly woman jailed for not paying her sewage bill (see previous posts,) the Observer-Reporter reports that donations from across the nation have been coming in to pay her fines. I was happy to see this article as it validates my belief that the majority of persons in this country are hard working, sensible folks who don't need a law degree to know that one of their fellow citizens is getting screwed by the government. In other positive news regarding this matter, Ms. Pennline's attorney is now working on a civil rights appeal and he claims that additional persons who were treated the same way have come forward to be heard. I sincerely hope that those responsible for this travesty are called to account.


  1. Clearly this is just a flimsy excuse to get a known commie sympathizer off the streets.


    But seriously, we rely on the press to shine the light of day on these power-mad cockroaches. Here, it looks like the Observer-reporter did a reasonably good job, is that right Pete?

    And there is an Official Darlene Pennline Fanclub on Facebook; from that it looks like the story got picked up by WPXI and KDKA. Yay, Darlene has her 15 minutes of fame.

  2. I think the local paper did a commendable job in exposing this story. The story was in a small town so it probably would never have seen the light of day without the local reporter covering it. The frightening thing is, how many other Darlene Pennlines are out there ?