14 January 2010

Two Great 2012 Websites

In the Pro-2012 we're all gonna fry camp, check out this website authored by a seemingly very nice, pious woman who has singlehandedly managed to tie every 2012 conspiracy theory together into one gigantic apocolyptic stew. If you're lazy and want to get a whole heapin helping of Armageddon on one web site, this is the place to go.

In the Anti-2012 it's all nonesense camp, go to this website which has been a favorite of mine for years. Well written, funny as hell and well documented, the author dismantles current prophecies and those of the past.


  1. Let's see . . . if we apply a Darwinian filter to the doomsaying behavior, do we get any insight? If we assume paranoia about local cataclysm induces flight from an otherwise paradisiacal locale, say Krakatoa, then the paranoia gene(s) may be preferentially transmitted to the next generation (i.e., the paranoid/pioneering/forward-thinking are the fittest, and they survive when the local world ends). Conversely, the unwary and non-forward-thinking individuals will die a fiery death without progeny. But this doesn't explain whole-earth-cataclysm doomsaying, which, if I follow your logic, implies resignation and sloth in the believer. It's possible that its just a perversion of the otherwise beneficial local-paranoid adaptation; evolution gone too far. Fortunately, evolution has a way of maintaining the balance: pick-up lines like "it's the end of the world so let's start a family" aren't among the most successful, from what I can tell. Although, there is an aspect of the "I'm going to party like it's 1999" idea that gives otherwise unfit losers a shot at procreation -- think "love the one you're with" when the "world is running down."

  2. Why is it always genetics with you ? :)

    I think the reason that prophecy, and end of times thinking, are so prevalent in many socities can be linked to (1) powerful religious and societal entities that use it as a means of control (2) the power of the human mind and its ability to generate frightening scenarios beyond the dangers of everyday life. That being said, if the Cubs ever win the world series I will be running for a bomb shelter.